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    Default Canadian Crossing the Border With a Possible Warrant

    My question involves an arrest warrant from the State of: Not Sure

    I have a question about crossing the border Windsor/Detroit. Years ago (7 Years Ago) I was involved in some Online Fraud. Selling of some items that I didn't actually have to sell. I was Young, and desperate to get off the streets. I sold 3 items to 3 seperate people for under $1,000 per person.

    I do not know what states these people are from. Canadian Criminal Investigation unit contacted me and told me that US Police had contacted them and I should hear something in the next few weeks. Never heard anything.

    I have crossed the Canadian/US Border over 10 times over the last 4 years. but recently everytime I cross the border I do get pulled in. Last time I waited for nearly a hour before I was allowed to leave and they told me they had me mixed up with someone else with the same name.

    Just wondering what I should do to try and clear up this matter? I know there are sites for Americans to check to see if they have a Warrant, but how does a Canadian check to see?

    I have come along way in life and feel bad for my actions, I'm now married and just want to move on with my life, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Canadian Crossing the Border

    There may not even be a "matter" to clean up. There's no site you can go to that is guaranteed to include every warrant from every jurisdiction. If the police agency that contacted you can tell you which police agency contacted them, you might be able to start tracing down the information you need to figure out if a charge was ever filed.

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