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    Default Should I Get My Patent Idea Notarized

    i came up with an invention and have several drawings on it and how it works plus i made a prototype. the prototype was made with what my imagination could put together with a few things i got from menards and some welding. it works just not as good as what it could if i had more resources.

    before i take it to a patent attorney should i get it notarized at my bank or is getting a few witnesses to sign and date it good enough. and should i have the attorney sign some kind of form to prevent him from possibly trying to use the idea for himself.

    how trust worthy are some of these online patent sites like invent help or legalzoom? when i was in high school my gym teacher came up with an idea for some kind of exercise equipment and he turned it in to one of those online sites and he never herd back from them. he said a few years later he seen his idea on the market.

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    Default Re: Should I Get My Patent Idea Notarized

    We could go in an endless spiral with this - maybe you should get it notarized before you see the notary, to keep the notary from stealing the idea....

    Sites like legalzoom help you complete forms - they don't provide legal services.

    If you think your invention has so much value that an attorney might steal it, given how easy it is to make an error in a patent application that can render it indefensible, it makes sense to put aside your fears and get professional assistance.

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    Default Re: Should I Get My Patent Idea Notarized

    Patent services you find on the internet and advertised on tv are generally scams.

    Legalzoom is legit and does more than just fill out forms. I'm not familiar with exactly what they offer regarding patents. Legalzoom has lawyers in every state working for them, unlike a lot of services that just fill out the same forms you can fill out online and charge a hefty fee.

    You can hire a firm in DC to do a patent search for you, which is the first step, before you can prepare and file a patent.

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