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    Default Sibling Taking Guardianship

    My question involves guardianship in the State of: Utah

    I am 22. I have two brothers who are minors that I wish to take guardianship for multiple reasons. Both their base needs are met at my mother's house, but both have expressed that they feel extremely neglected. The youngest has been trying to get help with drug addiction. My mother did pay for him to go to a rehab for a couple of months but took him out again due to the cost. The older of the two told me recently that she comes home from work, gets changed, leaves money for my youngest brother (who even himself has admitted it is a bad idea to give him money while he is still struggling so much) and then usually does not return again until very late at night and doesn't even check to see if the two are both home. My youngest brother was arrested earlier this week for possession of drugs on school property and my mother has decided when he is out she is giving up custody to her ex husband, who has abused all three of us on numerous occasions. I know with an environment that shows support and counseling that my brother can beat the addiction, especially with as much want for this as he has expressed, but I think it will be impossible in the care of his father who got him addicted to drugs in the first place in order to take advantage of him. On top of that my health insurance through work does cover a good chunk of the cost for certain rehab programs and counseling, but he needs to be legally mine for me to put him under my insurance. The older of my brothers, while not in as dire a situation, has expressed he feels extremely unwanted and neglected and would like to move in with me as well, especially if I get guardianship of my younger brother to help out with him. They are 14 and 17. The is a small chance she will just sign over guardianship. She signed my emancipation papers at 16 without a blink. My question is what do I need to do to go about getting guardianship of the two in both the situation that she willingly gives it, and if she refuses how to go about trying to gain guardianship?

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    Default Re: Sibling Taking Guardianship

    You should not expect that you will get guardianship unless your parents consent.

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