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    Default Copyright Infringement

    Hi guys,
    I have a case where I would like to know what the legal issues are.

    An artist made a tin with the cover slightly ajar and it was voted for it to be placed in a park. When the tin was placed in the park, the cover was not opened anymore. the artist claims that here work has been destroyed. Moreover, a local resident saw the work in the park, went home and made a miniature of it and gifted it to her neighbour. A big buyer visited the neighbours house, loved the tin and ordered a 100 of them. In addition to that, a journalist wrote an article about the artist. The journalist included photographs of a series of four everyday tins and falsely claims that they are ‘other works of genius by the artist.'

    Can anyone tell me what the legal issues in this context would be and what would the artist claim as copyright infringement.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Intellectual Property Infringement

    You do NOT need to post the exact same message in multiple forums.

    Are you really as stupid as you sound?

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    Default Re: Copyright Infringement

    Related thread.

    You're not in the U.S., are you. This forum focuses on U.S. law.

    Copying somebody else's copyrighted work without authorization, quite obviously, is a copyright violation.

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