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    Default Settle Debt or Payments

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: FL

    I have several outstanding credit card balances in debt collections. What looks better on my credit score?
    1. settle the balance with a one time payment or

    2. agree to some sort of monthly payment plan with the debt collector

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    I went through divorce years ago in CA and have been in the car business and know a bit about the collection. most collection agencies buy these debts from the original companies at a discount. If the debt has been "charged off" on your credit report then be assured that the account was bought at a hefty dicount and any money they collect will be a profit for them. This is where you can negotiate for pennies to a dollar, that depends on how old is the debt. If it is the original company trying to collect then you pretty much pay the full balance. Hope this helps you some!! I am not a layer so thia is not a legal advice in any way form!

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