My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of California.

Hello. I'm in the process of appealing a denial by EDD. Briefly, I worked for a legal document support company, who has a contract with a law firm for office services. I quit my job because my co-workers were engaged in falsifying their timesheets (on a grand scale), and who were attempting to intimidate me into silence. I addressed it with my superiors at the main office; but they had little interest in addressing that issue. Instead they were more concerned with keeping the information from the firm to protect their contract - and more interested in keeping me quit. (FYI: the law firm now knows about it).

Anyway, EDD stated they didn't see a connection. I submitted a three-page appeal along with seven exhibits (ranging from e-mail correspondence requesting another position within the company to my notes I created before I called the owner to relay what was happening). I'm hopeful the detailed response will "save-the-day," but I'm under no illusion that winning an appeal for quitting is an uphill battle.

So now, I'm preparing for the oral hearing. Please, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.