My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Colorado

I live and work in Colorado. I believe that Colorado is one of the "one party" states which allows someone to record a conversation that they are an active participant in.

For the past 3 years or so I've been recording just about every conversation I've had with management. I am a supervisor with several direct reports. My manager is the one who I've caught several times making very inappropriate statements. Here are 3 of those...

1) We were hiring several people in our department. I was involved in interviewing the applicants. One of the applicants was Asian. I conducted his second interview. His first interview was with my manager. During a meeting I was in, the manager and all of us supervisors were discussing the interviews and the applicants. I mentioned the applicants name and the manager asked, "Is he the weird looking Asian guy?"

2) Once while having a heated discussion with a coworker, she threatened to murder me. I didn't record that conversation but several other people heard it. I told our manager about it while secretly recording the conversation and she said, "I'm sure she was joking." She said this after she giggled for a second.

3) This same coworker who threatened me also likes to bully, yell at and intimidate others. Our company has a strict policy against this behavior. One of my direct reports came to me in tears because the abusive employee yelled at and humiliated her. I presented this information to our manager while secretly recording the conversation and she said, "You need to tell your team to grow a backbone."

Now I believe my employer is getting ready to fire me. Do you think I have a case against the employer?