Supposedly I called my Ex and we have a modified NCO in place. She called the police and they came to her house. The detective stated that he listened to a recording that my ex said was me. He recorded her story and took a recording off her answering maching and marked it "victim statement" and turned in into his office. Now since he marked it "victim" statement it was transcribed but the actual recording was destroyed. He noticed a caller ID and looked at the number, but never wrote down the number, doesnt remember my name being on it, never called teh number to see who's it was, doesnt remember it being a number from my state and never looked at call records, hers or mine.

He admitted all this on stand, said he messed up by not researching the number or atleast recording th number, admitted he messed up and marked the recording wrong so it was destroyed but transcribed and admits he has no idea who's voice was on the recording since he never heard my voice, ever!

Does it seem that this evidence should not be allowed in court? it proves really nothing other then there was a recording on her machine but because he didnt do a good job we have NO idea who made the call or what they even sounded like!

Thanks, THEJKH