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    Default What is a Civil Bench Warrant

    My question involves an arrest warrant from the State of: CA

    I had no idea I was due in court regarding a credit card debt case (couldn't pay my bill). A buddy was in court and heard them call my name regarding the case!!! Obviously I couldn't make it, he said they issued a civil bench warrant against me for $500. What exactly does this mean and what should I do?

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    Default Re: What Does Civil Bench Warrant Mean

    Since I wasn't able to get a response, I thought I'd write an update for those people who view this and might have the same question.

    Since I had know idea about this court date, I had no case number which meant I couldn't get any information from the court house. After paying a small fee to research the case number, I called the civil court house and they said that I could either call the plaintiff, and ask them to resubmit for a new court date, or just show up to the court clerk as they will probably send me before the judge who would set another date. Not sure if I will have to pay the $500 bail at that time or not (if anybody knows please share info)

    They said "it's not like they're gonna come looking for you or anything... you're the last guy they're worried about"... which means they'll probably be waiting for me when I get home tonight with my luck!

    Anyway, they said the judge most likely wants to find out how much money I make right now and what I can do (which is not much right now) to pay off the collections debt. We'll see what happens.

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    Default Re: What is a Civil Bench Warrant

    I believe it is a NON criminal contempt charge, or indirect contempt of court, it hales you into court for you to "show cause" why you should not be held in contempt/OR it may be finaeable/jailable already??

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    Default Re: What is a Civil Bench Warrant

    I expect it's a warrant for failure to appear in response to a subpoena. Were you served with a subpoena, or have you been dodging a process server?

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