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    Default Theft of Services by Non-Payment

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: PA
    I own a laboratory in PA who received a testing project for a site in OH. The samples were shipped to my lab in PA which is where we performed the work. The client's offices are also in PA.
    We did $5,000 worth of work for them and they made 2 $500 payments over the past 2 years. They do not respond to calls, letters, etc.
    I know that they negotiated a payment to another debtor of theirs at 50% of what they owed so I believe this guy has a history of non-payment.

    I can file a claim locally in Pittsburgh where I am located. He is in Erie, PA.
    But I am told the big expense is getting the judgement executed. If I hire an attorney I am not sure what the cost would be.

    Can I go after this firm for "Theft of Services"? This might wake this guy up since he has a history of non-payment.

    I used a debt collector a few years ago and it was a waste of my money.

    What are my options?

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    Default Re: Theft of Services by Non-Payment

    If you had a contract with a company based in Pennsylvania, suing the company in Pennsylvania shouldn't be an issue.

    It is rarely worth hiring a lawyer to pursue a claim that small.

    Late payment of a bill isn't "theft of services", even overlooking the partial payment and the two years that have passed since the services were performed.

    If you use a debt collector, be sure to use one who gets paid a percentage of any amount recovered.

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