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    Question Possibility to Update Police Accident Report and Investigate Physical Evidence

    My question involves a traffic accident in the State of: Washington

    Do you know how whether it is possible to update an accident police report in Washington State? Also, what party can I contact for inspection of car exterior damage in order to determine the direction of impact and thus fault?
    There was some physical evidence (location of debris and direction of damage) that proved that the other party provided incorrect info about the positions of the vehicles and fault at the moment of the accident. Both cars were moved though (mine at the request of 911 dispatcher), the other party simply tried to alternate facts. The debris from both cars tells a different story though and I'd love to add the evidence (taken in presence of the officer).
    Also, I was told that by examining the direction of the damage it is possible to determine the direction of the impact. Who could I contact with it? Especially if it is my responsibility to collect from the other insurance company.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Possibility to Update Police Accident Report and Investigate Physical Evidence

    If you want to hire an accident investigator, you may be able to locate one through advertising online or in professional journals, or through your favorite search engine.

    You can ask the police to take a supplemental report. Whether they will depends upon their policies and whether they deem the facts to justify making the supplemental report.

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