My case involves an overpayment I made combined with tax intercepts and the result of an audit determining that support was overpayed for months the child wasn't with the mother. The overpayment was $5000. To repay me they informed me to pay 1/2 support obligation until the support overpayment is cleared up. My x wife closed the case and then reopened the case and now the support overpayment doesn't show up.

I feel like the local Css may have advised her of how to get around the overpayment and that is why she closed the case.

How can this be?

Also we stipulated to $335 a month back in 2000. That is for 1 child. Can the CSS change that stipulation.

Also I provide private health and dental insurance for my child through a private insurer at about $200 a month.
Can this be offset against support?

Thank you for your time and service to this community for aswering interesting issues. I enjoy it very much and it helps alot of people out