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    Default Employer Retroactively Cancelled Dental Insurance, Lied About When, and More

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Colorado

    My Former Employer told me my health benefits would end on a certain date. However, they retroactively canceled the dental health insurance to a few months before the date they told me. Also, for those few months, they continued to deduct money from my paycheck for dental insurance.

    I went to the dentist in this period, after my dental was canceled, and before i was told it would be canceled.

    The employer is now refusing to pay for my dentist visit, and is ignoring the fact that they continued to deduct dental insurance from my paychecks when they knew i didn't have coverage.

    All they will say is they wont pay for anything and that they're sorry i seem to be upset about it.

    Is this legal? What can I do about it? Its got me so frustrated

    Thanks in advance for your comments.

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    Default Re: Employer Retroactively Cancelled Dental Insurance, Lied About When, and More

    If they deducted premiums for dental insurance after the policy was cancelled, you can complain to the US DOL. Keep in mind that premiums are not always deducted going forward; in fact, in my experience (which is about 30 years worth) it is more likely that they are deducted going backwards. Examples; the premium deducted on February 1 is not necessarily for the first week of February; it is just as if not more likely to be paying your premiums for the last week of January. But, if you can show that premiums were deducted for a period in which the policy was no longer in force, your recourse is through the US DOL.

    You cannot force them to pay for your dental visit or reinstate the policy.

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