My question involves insurance law for the state of: Hawaii

When I got unemployed due to company filing bankruptcy, I had signed up for MEDquest for my health insurance. I had gotten a fever one night so I went into the ER. When I went to walgreen to pick up my prescriptions, they had told me I was no longer a member. So I was unable to get my prescriptions without paying about 200 dollars. A month later I received a bill from the hospital for about $2,000 for that one night just for having a fever. They said I was terminated and they didn't tell me why and just told me to contact MEDquest. I was never able to get a hold of the person responsible for the discontinue of my insurance. I had never received any notice prior going into the hospital stating that I was no longer on that plan... If I had knew, I would never have gone into the ER for a fever. I am trying to fight this case and don't know who or what type of attorney I would need to hire. Can anyone help me out?