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    Question Getting My Court Date Moved to a Earlier Date

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Sanford, NC

    I was charged with assult by strangulation and i got it moved down to simple assult but only if i plead gulity to it and i got to pay bout $700 for sumthings and they moved my court date to march the 17th so i can get the money but i can have the money earlier than that but i was wondering if i could get my court date changed to a earlier date so i aint got to wait a long time cuz in my house hold we get only so much a month and then the rest of the month we dont get any other kind of income and i don't know if we will be able to keep holdin on to all that money cuz sumthing always happens to the car or house when we try to save money so will there be any way i can move my court date to this month instead of march. and do i got to talk to the Da about it.

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    Default Re: Getting My Court Date Moved to a Earlier Date

    If you get the money early, have your lawyer try to schedule an earlier court date. If you're representing yourself, you can try asking the prosecutor to move up the court date.

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