My question involves a traffic citation from the state of: Michigan

just a quick overview, on 1/7/10 I was pulled over because my tags were expired on my vehicle. They were supposed to be renewed on 12/30/10 and I thought my husband had done it. When I realized it wasn't done which was the night of 1/6/10 the next day I planned on getting them renewed. But, I got pulled over on my way. Also I was having difficulty locating my proof of insurance. I do have insurance and always have had it. I was an insurance agent for 6 years before going back to school, my mother owns the insurance agency. I was just unorganized. The officer said you keep looking I will be right back. When he came back I provided him with the proof of insurance. He said ok thats great you won't have to worry about this one. Well I get the ticket and it says I am charged with no proof of insurance. So I go get my plates renewed immediately the same day, gather all the requested information and head to the court house to take care of this. I get there and give the ticket to the lady and she says oh, this ticket doesn't make sense and that boxes were checked all over and she couldn't help me. I would have to wait until the officer brought in his copy because this one didn't make sense. So there I was with all the documents and money to pay any fines being turned away. Keep in mind I like 45 minutes away from this court house. So I call about 5 days later and the phone system they have keeps telling me the lines are busy. I tried for an hour to get in contact with someone. I tried many other times as well. The officer also told me I wouldn't be in trouble for the insurance! I showed him the proof on the scene! So I wasn't really sure what was going on I didn't know if because they didn't have the ticket at the office maybe he didn't file it or whatever. Well I got busy and then received something in the mail stating that a default judgment was made. I had huge fines and big trouble. I received that only a couple days ago so today I went to the court house. I had all the documents and had to talk with the magistrate who treated me so horribly, called me a liar and negligent and made me cry. I have never had any violation in my life not even speeding. I was confused and scared. I had to go in front of her which is basically like a court room with her looking down on me like the scum of the earth. I have never been in a court room in my life! She told me what the officer said was untrue and I was lying. I could go find the officer if I wished to but she could care less. I was so confused about what was happening. Well anyway I guess now I have to do something tomorrow called a motion to set aside default judgment. I had all my documents with me, receipt from the Sec of State showing the 1/7 plate renewal and the insurance. But she would take the insurance because it was my renewal policy not the actual certificate. So I am getting the correct certificate from my mom. But so my fines are reduced to $65 for the plate, and $25 for the insurance when I provide the proof. Well I get home check the mail and find the State of Michigan has assigned me a driver responsibility fee of $200 that I will be required to pay for 2 years and it is due in 30 days. They filed the offense to my license. Even after I provided proof to the officer on the scene. I have no clue what to do or how to prepare myself for my meeting with the magistrate tomorrow. The magistrate was trying to tell me that I was still be fined for the insurance because I was unable to provide the proof at the time of the request. So basically that 3 minute time frame when the officer was at my window. Even though he said you keep looking I will be right back, and when he got back I gave it to him. He had the ticket already written up assuming I wouldn't provide the info and just gave it to me. So now even though tomorrow I will provide the proof then they will let the state of michigan know I had insurance but I could still be responsible for the $200 and the points to my license. I just need some advice so I know how to defend myself properly tomorrow. One thing to add, should the officer still cited me for the no proof even though I provided it? If, not then how would I get it reversed.