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    Default shoplifting second charge

    I feel like I am screwed and want to know what my possible sentence might be. THree months ago I was caught shoplifting for the first time, it is the first ever criminal offense Ive ever had, Im 23 and a nurse. I started shoplifting in college and just never got caught. I didnt get a lawyer or anything, and pled guilty and just got a fine. Well I swore I would never do it again but last week I did and got caught again...twice in three months after never getting caught in four years. Except this time it was second degree retail fraud, I took two pairs of pants and two shirts but they were expensive and totaled over 200 dollars so it is sedond degree. I know I need to get a lawyer, I will do absolutely anything: counseling, community service, etc. as long as I dont have to go to jail. What is the likelihood that I would go to jail?

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    Default Second Shoplifting Charge in Three Months

    You really should seek counseling on your own. If you were sincerely trying not to shoplift, but "couldn't help yourself" within three months of your prior conviction, there are psychological issues involved which need to be addressed.

    It also may help you to have a counselor, who believes you are trying to overcome your problems, provide a statement on your behalf in relation to the second charge.

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    Dont be scared.
    Its shoplifting, not drugs not assault.
    Definately no jail.
    At worst 3 year probation, im betting on 2 years cause of the 2nd offense.
    Dont worry your self. youll have to be very carefull cause the third is the killer, A .50 cent theft cold get you 45 days.
    Take it as it comes. Remain calm. Your real fear is what the hell will happen when I get caught the next time.

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    You've been there before, how many times have you been caught loser?

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    Default shoplifting

    First off don't forget about the three strikes law. I've caught people who have been sentenced for 2 years because it was their third offense (considered a felony after third offense) and one of them was for under $30. Best of luck and get the help you may need.

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