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    Default Transferring Title Without Current Owner

    I posted this topic in the Adverse Possession forum, but this section may or may not be more suitable area, so I'm posting it here as well.

    I'm trying to sell my father's '83 Mazda RX-7 so it's very well paid off by now.
    Reason I ask is because my father moved to China and he isn't coming back, so I've taken responsibility to govern his assets as I please. I have no way of getting in touch with him, whether it be through the internet, phone, or mail. I have all of the paperwork upon purchase of the car, title and everything, except none of it is in my name, but he did give me the verbal okay to sell it before he left. I've looked into filling out a power of attorney form, but that seems to have the major flaw of having him present during the notary. Abandoned property laws wouldn't amount to anything either since it'll just go to the state and the car's in his name and only he can claim it (more info on this?). So I've been looking into Adverse Possession for an answer. Things I'd like to know in particular are whether or not this is possible for a vehicle, whether or not I can sell it without insurance, and whether or not I can simply sell this as a common good.

    If there's no chance of me using Adverse Possession, could you perhaps suggest something else to me?

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    Default Re: Transferring Title Without Current Owner

    you cannot adversely posses a vehicle.

    it is either treated as an abandoned vehicle or you do nothing with it.

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