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    Exclamation Expunged Arrest Shows Up in an Online Criminal Records Search

    My question involves criminal records for the state of: IL

    Background Info:

    I'm in the process of preparing for a legal battle with the mother of my two children. She abuses them emotionally, is sexually promiscuous (having had multiple affairs with complete strangers in the past year alone) has destroyed our family finances, and continually attempts to alienate my children from me (I have been a stay-at-home/work-at-home Dad since they were born; the mother spends very little time with them.) In short, she is a classic Sociopath and pathalogical liar, and is crushing my childrens' spirits, and robbing them of their innocence. She's also an unconvicted Felon multiple-times over, having committed Identity Theft, check & credit fraud, attempted kidnapping, embezzelement, grand theft auto, and Felony Child Support Evasion.

    The Cause of My Devastation

    I just went to a webiste that offers free criminal records look-up, because I'm trying to confirm an active warrant she has for check fraud. But nothing showed up. I figured, okay, let me put my own name in, and see what happens. (this was literally MINUTES ago...)

    I was in complete SHOCK to find a very detailed arrest record. This (unlawful) arrest occurred in 2000, and was dismissed without prejudice by the presiding judge in 2001. I paid hundreds of dollars to have the record expunged, and later even won a settlement from the City, as they didn't want to risk a heftier judgement in a civil suit.

    So for nine years, even though I still suffer from an extreme anxiety disorder due to the unlawful arrest, I believed the record of this horrible event would never again surface. And JUST NOW I see it - right there - in great detail, on a free criminal search website.

    Any hope I might have had in the battle to win custody of my children from their monster of a mother, has now been crushed. Even as I type this, I'm in utter shock and disbelief that such a detailed record of an expunged, unlawful arrest, can so easily be obtained - by ANYONE.

    Is it now encumbent upon me to seek out EACH and EVERY site offering this type of information, and fight to have it removed? My children are in a dire situation, one which I'd hoped to extricate them from immediately -- and this is a MAJOR set back!!

    ~ Utterly Devastated

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    Default Re: Expunged Arrest Shows Up in an Online Criminal Records Search

    You can see if the record check website offers a way to dispute information it contains and presents. I don't know anything about the site you're looking at, so I can't investigate that for you.

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