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    Default Employees of PF Chang's China Bistro, Personal Information Compromised

    My question involves business law in the state of: California / Arizona / Oregon

    I'm a current employee of PF Chang's China Bistro and received a notice in the mail today from Oregon that our Arizona HQ was compromised and the physical hardware containing employees social security numbers, full names, and date of birth were stolen. They created a website for us,

    but does not soothe my concerns. They state that the individuals involved were after hardware, not data, and that our information was password protected. I fail to believe that no one can crack a password and I doubt that anyone would go after hardware that is nestled into HQ which contains very valuable data to many past and current employees. This isn't a desktop at a public library.

    The business is taking a approach that I think is short to the mark. Will we have to put fraud alerts on our accounts every 3 months for the rest of our lives? Does PF Chang's have any responsibility to reimburse us the cost of credit reports as we deem necessary? Or is this something that PF Chang's doesn't hold any legal responsibility for since it is after all, a theft.

    I don't feel at ease knowing my information is out there. Not sure how deeply I should feel about this because this has never happened to me before.

    Any advice?

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    Default Re: Employees of PF Chang's China Bistro, Personal Information Compromised

    Was the company negligent in any way? I can't tell. If you are harmed by the company's negligence then they owe you something. For example, if they left the doors to the building unlocked which allowed the computer to be stolen then you might have some sort of claim.

    If you are simply a co-victim of someone else's criminal act and the company has done all it can do to notify the police, its employees, and its insurance company then I'd have a hard time seeing how they would be liable for the criminal act of another person.

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