me and my roommates had to move out due to a few problems at the end of october. i told my roommate who was in charge of our utilities (under her name) that when she received the bill for the month of october to forward a copy of it either to my email address or to my current address. i still haven't received them. she randomly gets back in touch with me, telling me that her scanner doesnt work or that she lost my address, and has actually said "oh the bill was like 40 bucks or something so you can write me a check and mail it to me." of course i'm not gonna do this til i have seen a hard copy of the bills.
i'm actually furious that she has this on me, because i dislike her and until this is settled i have to look forward to hearing her excuses to why i haven't received anything.

my question long does she have to do this? or is there not limit? could she get back to me in a year or two with this? because thats just annoying.
im actually emailing her today giving her a time limit since i want to put my rent and utilities into my tax return form...but if she doesn't by that time...does she have the right to collect when its convenient for her?