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    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Oregon

    My upstairs neighbors are being evicted due to multiple noise complaints to the police. This has led to the "we're being evicted and there's nothing else they can do so let's party it up" attitude. They yell, scream, play loud music, stomp through the place, slam cupboards and toilet seats, and yell profanities at me through the floor boards. Yes, I have called the police on them and yes they know it, therefore it is MY fault (not theirs) that they are now being evicted.

    I realize that there is a process in place to evict someone and that the process requires time. In the mean time, what can I do or request management or the police to do so that I can come home to something other than a raging party upstairs and not have my children listen to profanities shouted at their mother through the floorboards?

    One more thing. The complex is an older one, but it is being renovated. As someone moves out, they literally gut the whole apartment down to the studs and redo the walls, appliances, and carpets. Does anyone know what the building codes are? I honestly think that there is ZERO sound insulation between the up and down stairs apartments. The neighbors that are upstairs on either side of the noisy neighbors don't hear anywhere near the noise level I do! When they go in to remodel, what can/should be done so that I don't hear the next neighbor going to the bathroom?!?

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    Your landlord is apparently doing all it can. You can't reason with these people. That pretty much leaves calling the police.

    You can ask your landlord about plans to add soundproofing and, based upon the reply, decide if you want to keep renting in that building, or want to consider trying to get a unit on the top floor.

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