My question involves criminal law for the state of: New york
I worked as undercover det in a retail store and was arrested for shoplifting in the store that I worked in. I was detained handcuffed, maced punched, and kicked during my arrest by store investigators. They alledged I stole ten thousand dollars worth of ipods five days pior to my arrest. I waited 15 months for my case to go to trial and was found not Guilty. I am now suing them. I was looking though some court documents and they are claiming I can't sue them retail store only the police for false arrest because they are cover by New York Merchants Law. I return to court next month to see if I can proceed with my case. g I know in New York to detain a shoplifter you must have five steps entering with the merchandise, selection, concealment, visual or video surviellance, and pass all points of sale. In my case no one witness me do any of the five. Two employees stated I did it.