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    Default Designated Driver with No License


    This is just a question.
    This weekend a couple friends and I are visiting another friends' college. I expect everyone will get sloppy drunk. I can't drink, so I will volunteer for Designated Driver, but my license is suspended. My question is this. If we get pulled over, will I get driving under suspended? And will my friends get underage possession of alcohol?

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    If you are stopped while driving on a suspended license, will you be cited for that? Odds are. You really had to ask?

    Similarly, you don't have to have much of a brain in your head to know that drunk minors are likely to be cited for underaged consumption.

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    Default Re: Designated Driver with No License

    if you read the OP's posting history, you will see similarly foolish positions in all this guy does.

    oh, and since you cannot legally drive and most likely nobody else in the car will be capable either, the car will probably get impounded.

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