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    Default AAFES Debt Coming Out of Tax Refund

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Virginia. My AAFES account went into collection and I was trying to make payments. I missed my November and December payments and now there is a debt on my federal refund. At the same time I was sent notification from NCO Financial Solutions that they own my debt with AAFES. AAFES will not tell me how much is being taken from my refund just that it was submitted to the IRS. How can they send my debt to two places at the same time? Will they be taking the entire amount from my refund or will they just take what I missed and the rest will be owed to NCO Financial? I can't clear answers from anyone.

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    Default Re: AAFES Debt Coming Out of Tax Refund

    If your tax refund is less than the debt, they'll take what you owe them. If it's the same or more, they'll take what they get and you'll owe the rest.

    If NCO in fact owns the debt, I would question why AAFES is continuing to try to collect it directly.

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