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    Default Drivers License Restoration in Pennsylvania

    my driving priviliges were suspended here in PA back in 2005 for a DUI/DUS. i received a 48 hr jail sentence along with consecutive 1 yr dl suspensions for the dui and the dus, respectively, as well as a $3000 fine. i signed a recognition of my suspension the day i was sentenced and was told that my suspension would start that day. approx. 2 years later around the time that i fealt the suspensions should be coming to an end i asked for reinstatement requirements letter and was shocked to find out that my suspensions hadnt even begun! i, unbeknownst to me, was supposed to notify the dmv at the end of my 48 hr. jail term because my suspension couldnt start until i was released. so, i got a copy of my sentencing conditions order stating that i was sentenced and been given time served on decemder 20, 2006 so theoretically (the way i understood it anyway) my suspension should have begun that day and ended 2 yrs later on december i called the dmv today to ask when my suspension was up and they say that they cant give me any info until i pay the $3000 fine. my issue with this is, the way im understanding it from them, i could go ahead and pay the $3000, which i really dont have anyway, and then they might turn around and tell me, "ok, thank you, but you still cant get your license back for X number of years" which is what i do not want to happen. i am driving without a license right now. have been for years. i just really want to rectify the situation and do the right thing but the dmv makes everything so complicated and frustrating. i contacted the lancaster county public defenders office and mid penn legal aide svcs and both of them basically told me that i dont qualify for representation because i dont actually have a pending legal matter in court......could someone please, PLEASE, give me some kind of advice or point me in the direction of somewhere that i could get some free or low cost help with my dilemna?!?

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    It sounds like you have two issues.

    First, you owe the court $3000. Without paying the court this money you will never get your license restored. The court has your license suspended and will not send the DL-21 to PennDOT to release the suspension till everything is paid, your probation is complete, and all classes are done. Depending on the county you should look into a payment plan, but most counties in PA do not allow for payment plans in situations like this.

    Second, you have two years of suspension that you got NO credit for. Even if you pay the fine you will still need to serve the two years of suspension AFTER you acknowledge your suspension to PennDOT. First, fill out a DL16 form. This will start the suspension clock.

    Next you want to try to get credit for the time you have served. You claimed you signed something the day of your sentence, what did you sign and to whom did you sign it for?

    You can try to go back to the court and get the transcripts from the hearing. Using this you can try to get credit for your suspension from the date of the release.

    Where is your license (the physical card) now? Did you ever send it to PennDOT? How?

    You have one other option, you can request a hearing with the DOT. It is called an administrative hearing, and you can use this to request credit if the department has erred in some way. It will cost you $100 and will take place in Harrisburg. I do not suggest you take this route on your own, but it will probably be very expensive to hire someone who knows what they are doing in this field. It is not easy and usually a waste of time, you need someone who can tell you if it is worth the effort and money then handle everything properly.

    You can find more information about getting credit for the suspension in this thread.

    Good Luck,

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