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    Default How Do I Drop Charges

    This occured in the state of Florida.

    I hope somebody on here might be able to help me! Back in August my now-ex and I allowed his brother to stay at our house a few days. He was homeless and we knew he had a drug problem, but we felt bad so we let him stay a couple of days until we could find him a better place. Well, one morning while my ex was at work, he exposed himself to me. I called my ex who said to get outta the house and rush to where he was--which I did. Both my ex and their mother suggested I press charges against the brother for that and also because some stuff in our house was missing later that day, and the brother had been the only one there after I left to go see my ex after the morning incident.

    Since then, my ex and I have broken up, and in December I moved from Florida to Idaho. The brother is doing very, very good now--he entered a faith-based program and has been drug free for 4-5 months now, has started his own business to help others, and has made a complete change from who he was back when he exposed himself to me.

    This morning his mother called me, and apparently the courts are finally getting around to the charges now. They served him his papers. I do not want him getting sentenced for either of the charges now since he's doing well and I just, don't want this to cause him problems. I am assuming I can call the State Attorney's office in the county and let them know that I want to drop the charges, right? I am wondering if, 1--Can I do that? Or would I have to actually go in and speak with them? (I'm in Idaho and it's a looong way to Florida!). 2--Apparently he's had prior theft charges from years ago, and I'm wondering if they dropped the exposure charge and I ask them to also drop the petit theft charge, can or will they do so? Or would they possible convict him anyways due to his past record?

    Please, any information on this would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!!!

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    Default Re: How Do I Drop Charges

    Are you the victim for the theft charge?

    You're free to contact the prosecutor in charge of a case for which you're a victim and indicate that you are no longer interested in pursuing the prosecution. They don't have to dismiss based upon your wish.

    For cases where you're not the victim, they don't care what you have to say.

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    Default Re: How Do I Drop Charges

    Thank you for your reply!! I am the victim of both the exposure and the petit theft. I plan on calling the state prosecutor Monday morning but I'm just will they know it's Me calling? I can they verify that? Anybody could call and pretend to be me if they knew the situation.

    I'm also wondering, in cases like this, what are the chances that they will actually drop the charges? Do you think there's a good chance they will dismiss?

    Thank you once again!

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    Default Re: How Do I Drop Charges

    IF we were only talking a theft charge, you'd probably have a good chance at getting the prosecution to toss it and move on. However, we're talking about Florida, one of the toughest states in the country when it comes to sex crimes. If you made a sworn statement that he exposed himself, purposefully, to you, a large percentage of DAs will make every attempt to follow up on that charge (keeping in mind that the DA has access to his entire criminal history, and if anything even remotely sex-based is in there, the DA will pretty much totally ignore pressure from the victim to drop it, and will instead act on behalf of the NEXT possible victim to see that the case is pursued). Bottom line is, it really depends on the context in which the DA sees the case as a whole, particularly in light of a sex offense and criminal history which none of us can predict.

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