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    I won a judgement against my contractor in 03'. He owes me a PILE of money. Of course he is not paying up. He tried to file bankruptcy but we contested that and our judgement ( which was the only one he was claiming in the banckruptcy) was NOT discharged. SO, he stillowes me a PILE of money.

    He put his house in his sons name in 01'. he admitted under oath during the banckruptcy deposition that he in fact still lives in this house, and pays the bills. When asked why he put the house in his sons name ( who was only 12 yrs. old at the time) he stated , "so the house could not be taken from him since he is a contractor and he was afraid he would be sued one day and he wanted his son to have something".

    My question is, since he STILL lives in the house and pays all the bills for the house, AND his statement about why he transferred ownership to his MINOR son, Can we try and claim Fraudulent Conveyance and go after this house to satisfy out judgement against him?

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    Yes. If the statements are documented, this is a classic example of what FC is meant to deter. Fred Goldman sued OJ for FC when he transferred the royalties rights from his proposed book to his kids to avoid his 33 Mil judgment.

    Consult counsel.

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