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    Default Sold My Car, and Now Received Letter of Impoundment by City of Chicago

    I just received a certified letter from the city of chicago stating that my former car was impounded on 1/10/10 and the driver at the time had a suspended license. I do not own this car anymore. I sold it on 12/2/09 to a guy through craigslist. I only wrote his name on the title, so I don't remember it any more. I signed over the title and put all the correct mileage, date, etc. Unfortunately, I do not have a bill of sale as I did not know that it was required, if, in fact, it is. The City found me through the VIN number, so I guess the guy didn't transfer the title, but the letter does have another license plate number.

    The letter from the city had instructions to call a number if you no longer own the vehicle. This number goes right to a recorded message that directs me to fax a copy of the certified letter and documentation of sale. What can I provide to document a sale? Can I make up a bill of sale and guess the guys name? One possibility would be to try to see if I can get the name associated with the plate # on the letter and then use that. Will I be liable/responsible for any of these costs?

    This is all that I can find on the Illinois Secretary of State website in regards to title transfer for selling a vehicle.
    In the FAQ section: When I am selling my vehicle to another individual, do I have to have my title?
    Yes, the certificate of title must be signed in the Assignment of Title area to the individual purchasing the vehicle. Federal and state law requires that the title indicate the signed and printed names of all the sellers and buyers, certifying the odometer reading as the actual mileage on the vehicle's odometer, in excess of the odometer's mechanical limitations or not the actual mileage.


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    Default Re: Sold My Car, and Now Received Letter of Impoundment by City of Chicago

    You need to piece together from the information you have, who the buyer was. Who was the driver at the time the car was impounded? If not the buyer, who did he tell the police was the owner of the car?

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