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    Talking Labor Law Violations and Qualifying for Unemployment

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: New York.

    Hello all, this is my first posting on the forum. I'm seeking opinions on an issue that involves both employment law and unemployment insurance procedures in my state.

    I was 'let go' on 29 October 2009 from my job as a plumber because my boss wasn't happy about my 'bad habit' of taking my rightful half hour lunch and two fifteen minute breaks on occasion, and he was 'tired' of me griping about his policy of having all show up for work at 7 every day and not being on the clock until 8.

    In other words, he was/attempting to cheat me out of 2 hours pay per day, 10 hours per 40 hour week. He also had some other strange ideas about employee relations, including docking employees for their technical mistakes or 'callbacks' at $50. per employee on such a job in each instance.

    When I brought these issues up with him, he snapped back angrily 'the other guys accept this, why are you any different' and then went on to threaten my job. So, to keep my job secure in these hard times I tried my best to comply with this satanically greedy lunatic's demands until one day it finally came to a head and after an argument he canned me for 'poor job performance' that Thursday afternoon.

    I have never been let go from any job for 'poor performance', I have more certifications and qualifications in my trade than my ex boss had. Thirty years worth. Also, if you think this guy looks like he was an ass to his employees, it pales in comparison to how he cheats his customer base. We used to call him crazy joe ripoff in recognition of his continual, abusive overcharging.

    Last year he negligently left a mod/con gas boiler venting into the living area of a residence occupied by a young family, he simply didn't want to invest the time/money to vent it outside correctly ...if he really even understood how. You think living in an environment saturated with excess CO benefited those folks and their kids who paid in the five figure range to have the job done right? Just one example of many 'quality' jobs done by this feeb.

    BTW, aside from operating his little sweat shop he's one of the local code inspectors on Long Island. Makes you feel safe that a guy with his lack of integrity is looking out for you and yours if you live on LI, doesn't it?

    Soo, I filed for unemployment and was denied after being paid for a few weeks ...guess what he said, and I'm not joking ...he said I showed 'plumber's crack' once too often to his customers! I asked the caseworker at NYS DoL if she was trying to 'crack' a joke with this unemployed plumber, and she was dead serious! I spoke to her supervisor he related same to me a bit less disinterestedly than his underling, well I asked him if it was ok if I recorded the conversation.

    I still cant believe what was said me, I've always taken great pride in my appearance and have shown customers the utmost respect regardless what the dynamic of my relationship was with them. You know that there are lots of folks out there who aren't easy to please, well I was one plumber who did his best to make 'em all happy. I was floored by this.

    Questions are: is this a legit reason to deny paying unemployment, and what of those labor law violations?

    I apoligize for being prolix here, any grammar mistakes (been years since school) ...and thanks in advance for any response.

    PS> this is not a joke post

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    Default Re: Labor Law Violations and Qualifying for Unemployment

    I haven't engaged any official agencies (yet) in my complaints against my ex-boss and his shady operation, I have well considered reservations about being labeled a 'rat' and being blackballed from employment in my trade.

    Heads up folks out there. If a contractor seems a little too 'slick' for a tradesperson, he usually is. The character of my trade has changed quite a bit in the past decade, its' being taken over by sophisticated, cult-like business 'systems' like 'PSI' (Plumbers Success International), Contractors 2000 and the national franchises like Benjamin Franklin, Roto Rooter and such.

    Not saying all plumbers who use these management schemes ...which in my opinion promote the psychological devolution of their employees to 'tools' and their customers to 'revenue sources' operating under the guise of phony-baloney 'we care about you "professionalism"' squeezing both working grunt and consumer ... but most of these cats are nothing but crooks dancing around the gray areas of law milking a once amicable construction trade. The art I learned through schooling and experience is being twisted into nothing more than a criminal enterprise run by gangsters here in NY. Who really wants to work in a trade dominated by folks like that? Not anyone competent with a conscience.

    We licensed plumbers in the NYC area have heated, powered, supplied water and removed waste from this huge urban edifice efficiently for generations before these miscreants appeared in the 1990's to squeeze the life out of plumbing and it's subtrades. We wrote the first sanitary code, which is a model for the world. If some of you don't understand why Europe and Japan have technologically evolved past the US in the plumbing/hvac world its simply due to the unchecked avarice of those who manage today's plumbing concerns across this country. And they've ruined it with a smile on their faces while telling you that they are 'advancing' knowledge of our technology and 'providing the public better service'. Ha.

    One day there might be no one in US urban areas with the skills to provide you with what is civilized life, and I'm telling you who will be mostly to blame for it. Maybe then hindsight will finally resolve this issue to 20/20 for most, but by then it will be far too late. Our laws and regulatory agencies have FAILED us miserably.

    Hey, all those crooked NYC banksters who got their 'bailouts' are as I write this building $80 million dollar 'summer cottages' in the Hamptons while the rest of us scrape along or starve. No one heeded the warnings by some very astute people a decade ago that an out of control financial sector would rape and pillage this country in the insidious way it did. FAIL again.

    I could really go on about this but wrong venue, sorry for drifting off topic. 'Disgruntled Ex-Employee Syndrome' some might think ...or maybe prophet plumber?

    Enjoy civilization while you can folks!

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