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    Default How Long After a Plea Bargain Does a Jail Sentence Start

    I have a friend who was recently notified that she had until Saturday to accept or reject a plea bargain. She plans to accept. It will come with jail time. She was so shocked/surprised/nervous when she got the call from her lawyer that she didn't ask an obvious question, so I pose it to you guys: If she accepts it, say, on Saturday, when is the earliest/most probable time that she would go to jail? She was thinking there has to be a 'trial' or at least a court proceeding for it to be official, but isn't the whole point of a plea bargain to avoid a trial? If so, what would the norm/average be here?

    She is talking to her lawyer tomorrow afternoon I believe, but I was hoping I could perhaps get some idea here just for the sake of my nerves.

    Thank you very much in advance.

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    Default Re: How Long After a Plea Bargain Does a Jail Sentence Start

    Can someone please guess at least? I'm on pins and needles here I would appreciate it so much!

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    Default Re: How Long After a Plea Bargain Does a Jail Sentence Start

    a court has to impose a sentence before it can be enacted. Depending on the state and how their courts handle plea agreements, a court appearance may or may not be required but most often a court appearance is required.

    at that hearing is when the plea agreement would be accepted or rejected by the judge and if it is accepted, a judge could impose a sentence at that time and the defendant could be incarcerated at that time.

    a court hearing is not a trial.

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    Default Re: How Long After a Plea Bargain Does a Jail Sentence Start

    Ok. Thank you very much! I should find out for sure within the hour, but, as nerve-wracked as I am, this still helped... alot. Have a great day!

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