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    Default Becoming a District Attorney With a Mental Health History


    I am hoping a public defender or an asst DA will be able to answer this question. I am debating applying to law school. The reason for the debate is that I have a mental health history relating to combat experiences in the military. To include a SA. If I were to apply for a job as a asst DA, would this information restrict me from gaining employment? Mental health records are usually kept private, but I understand I would have to go through a background check.


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    Default Re: Becoming a District Attorney With a Mental Health History

    Go into private practice. You can be as crazy as you wanna be and you'll make more money.

    Mental health records are given broad protection, and to a large extent would not be uncovered by a prospective employer. If there has been court or police involvement, a prosecutor's background check is likely to uncover the public record, and possibly also any police reports or files of any prosecutors who were involved in the matter(s).

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