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    Default Ticketed for a Car I Don't Own Anymore

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: PA

    I received a ticket in the mail with my correct name and address but the plate number that not mine. Further investigation leads to this being a car that I once leased 8 years ago and returned to the dealer because it was a lemon. Am I reponsible for this ticket and what recourse do I have for getting this car out of my name. Is the current owner of this car committing some crime?

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    Default Re: Ticketed for a Car I Don't Own Anymore

    The ticket was issued recently? How long ago?

    It's difficult to imagine that the vehicle has been on the road for eight years without having ever been registered. Have you tried contacting the DMV to try to determine if this is a clerical error of some sort?

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    Default Re: Ticketed for a Car I Don't Own Anymore

    I am currently waiting on the vehicle history from the dmv. They told me over the phone that the plate does not exist but the parking authority who issued the ticket, gave me the VIN for the car. I looked it up online and it matches my old car. Just hoping the dealership wasn't shady as I don't remember turning in the plate when I returned the car.

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