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    Default UI Claim Form, Forming LLC, and Affiliate Marketing

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: California

    I'm currently on UI and was a Web Developer/Programmer but now unemployed for more than a year. My claim form says it's expired, but I am still receiving checks. I am guessing once my fund is exhaustive than I will need to renew for a 3rd extension (the 2nd one was automatic).

    I recently started an started LLC as business hobby to add value and something to my resume to fill the gap (related to my field for websites I've built for fun, which I've been told is fine as long as you report all your earnings). I've been doing Internet/Affiliate Marketing for awhile but losing money actually. But at least it's something I can show future employer that I've been trying to work on something on my resume.

    If I earn commission checks from various vendors/merchants -- how do I report them on my UI claim form? I'm not a W2 employee or a contractor for any specific company -- but just posted ads and got $250 commission checks for it -- the money will go to my LLC (as a net loss). If I earn money from Google Adsense, Amazon, Ebay, and Clickbank as an independent affiliate marketer during a certain week, do I report those companies on my claim form or my new LLC I just formed? It was only like working 10 hours a week and most likely a net loss after buying marketing products that cost a lot.

    Also, if I was working or forming LLC - do I need to report on it my UI even though I did not make any money? And what if I earn only $5.75 a week just from online marketing -- do I report that?


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    Default Re: UI Claim Form, Forming LLC, and Affiliate Marketing

    You just answered my question which is two below yours! :-) I believe once your funds are exhausted then you will get the 3rd extension, but, what I am not sure is if you have to apply for it online. Seems to me the 1st and 2nd extensions were automatic, but, I think the 3rd one you have to contact EDD.

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