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    Question Defendant's Lawyer Filed Dispositive Complaint but Made No Motion

    My question involves court procedures for the state of: USDOL

    I have a hearing coming up in March and the defendants attorney made a dispositive complaint though they never make a motion in regards to it... My question is if you make a motion in court does the wording have to be "Request a motion to dismiss" or some form of? Or can they just leave that as and open ended complaint without referencing law or legal precedent or request a specific outcome?

    They only state there complaint and make no requests!

    The deadline for the dispositive motion filing has passed so I am protected from new motions and I have till Feb 14th to make my response! Can I challenge the fact that no motion was made?

    Can I ask the court to Quash the statement with prejudice?

    I am not a lawyer and have had no luck finding a lawyer willing to take my case so here I am...

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