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    Default Changing jobs during workman's comp.

    I had Carpal Tunnel surgery on my right hand 3 1/2 weeks ago. I am scheduled to have the other hand done the first week in May. My question is if I would change jobs and put the surgery off until June, is the Workman's comp. from the job I left still responsible to pay for it? They have already deemed my Carpal tunnel work related and I have the operation scheduled already, but the new job would be working in a school so I would have the summer off and would be able to have the surgery in June, just a month later then it is already scheduled? I know they wouldn't pay wages if I changed jobs, but would they pay for the surgery?

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    Have you tried to simply reschedule the surgery?

    I doubt that your new employment would affect your right to receive the surgery for your prior work-related injury. But if you are claiming to be disabled from the injury, yet are able to start a new job despite the injury, that may change. You should consider discussing your situation with a local worker's compensation lawyer, so you can be 100% clear on your rights.

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