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    Hello, my name is edgar. i was arrested march 3, 1998 for smuggling marijuana into the united states. i was young and stupid and did not realise that my actions would change my life for ever. i was convicted and served 50 days in county jail. then INS took me and i was deported for life. my question is this, how do i go about getting a chance to appel my case, on the grounds of cruel and unusual punishment? i have been living in mexico since my deportation. i'm now married and have a little girl. she lives in the USA. she and her mother are both americans. i had a green card when i was deported. since the age of four i have lived in america. is there a chance i can come back home and give my little girl the chance to know me. i only see her for 12 hours a week and its hard on her, me and her mother. i know i commited a crime but 50 days in jail and deported for life just don't add up. if anyone has information that can help me i sure would appriciate it. my friends tell me to just go back, hop the border they say. but then what kind of lesson would i be teaching my little girl? 100 of illigal alians cross every day and they live the american dream. but they are breaking the law. how do i get back with out breaking the law?

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    Default Deported for Drug Smuggling

    The U.S. is not inclined to readmit deported aliens convicted of drug offenses. You may wish to consult an immigration lawyer about your situation.

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