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    Default Ignoring a Civil Demand

    Hi, i am in sort of the same situation. i live in California and i shoplifted form claire's about 3 months ago and security guards came in and searhed my bad. two pairs of earrings feel out but i never left the store. about a month after that happened, they sent me a letter asking for 250 dollars. my dad said to ignore it and we did . a couple of days ago, i got another letter for 500 dollars and my dad stll says to ignore it. he thinks i am innocent and im worried that if i dont respond to these letters, i might go to court and they would probably have the video of where i put it in my bag.. i really dont want to go to court. am i going to court? have any advice for me ?? forgot to mention that i am 17 and its my first attemp to steal anything.

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    Default Re: What Do They Do with the Video of You Shoplifting

    Dad gave you some really bad advice.

    The Civil Demand will keep going up until you pay it. And if you don't pay it - since you're a minor, they will file a lawsuit against your parents. This will also negatively affect your parents credit rating.

    Also, it appears in your case the store did not file criminal charges (the police would have been called). Keep ignoring the demand, and the store can file those charges (they have 1 year to do so) - which would mean court and sentencing in front of a judge; court fines and fees; a trip to the police station for fingerprinting and mugshot....Plus fees for either a lawyer or public defender....

    You might want to make sure Dad reads this immediately.

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    Default Re: Ignoring a Civil Demand

    You should have paid that demand before the $$ amount went up. Now you owe double the amount. You DON'T EVER ignore a civil demand when you have escaped being criminally prosecuted unless you want a lifetime of obstacles to overcome from having a criminal record. Claire's will most likely charge you in criminal court if you don't pay that demand. Your dad is an idiot, and if you listen to him I guarantee you will regret it.

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    Default Re: Ignoring a Civil Demand

    have any advice for me ??
    Read Pandora's post. Twice. Then pay that civil demand.

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    Default Re: Ignoring a Civil Demand

    BUSTED! Ignoring a civil demand means that Claires can force you to pay more $$$$$$$ and Claires CAN file criminal charges against you.

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    Default Re: Ignoring a Civil Demand

    Ok, are getting the long and short of it...make sure Dad sees this:

    - You had a Civil Demand for $250. Didn't pay it. It is now $500.

    - Store sues: that is for the amount of Civil Demand PLUS attorney fees, court costs. $500 can become $1500+. Parents credit rating negatively affected.

    - Store is upset that you have not paid and files criminal charges:
    Add in costs for Court Fines and Fees; Lawyer or Public Defender (your parents would have to qualify for P.D.); you may get a Diversion Program or Anti-Shoplifting Class - oops, there is a fee for those. You would have to go to the police department for a mugshot and fingerprinting.

    In this area: Public Defender: $250. (Lawyer: Cheapest I've seen anyone here having was $750). Court fines/fees: $304. Diversion Programs: $200+.

    You would have a difficult time, at best, finding a job in retail, banking, fast food, restaurant, anything that handles money, credit cards, etc. It could also affect college.

    Ask Dad if that $500 sounds better than the other options....

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