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    Default Motion for Summary Judgment

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Washington

    I was served for past debt to a University that I was attending for classes that I supposedly signed up for and never paid.

    I have stumbled my way through discovery where I found out they have no record of me signing up for or attending these classes.

    I have filed a motion for summary judgment and have a court date set for next Wednesday. I am wondering what will happen at this hearing? I have no evidence proving I didn't sign up or attend these classes since it is impossible to prove something that never happened. What do I need to do to be prepared for this?

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    Default Re: Motion for Summary Judgment

    It depends on court practices - sometimes a court will have the parties argue on the motion to decide if an evidentiary hearing is needed, and sometimes the court will expect evidence to be submitted at the hearing or rule based on the pleadings, motions and briefs. We don't have the opportunity to inquire with the court, or even to read your motion and the plaintiff's answer, so there's not much we can tell you about the merits of either your motion or the response.

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