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    Default Elder Financial Abuse

    Hello Mr. Knowitall,

    This is my first day on the site and I am having difficulty finding the correct forum. I assume that once I have I can post my thread and get some advice.

    I am not sure in what category that my problem falls into, but here is a brief summary:

    My father moved in with my Step Brother in Indiana in August 2009 due to health problems. My Father wrote out checks totalling about $18,000 payable to the Step Brother and his wife for the purpose of setting up a bank account for his benefit. He also executed a hand written power of attorney giving the Step Brother control of his assets. He signed his vehicle valued at about $9,000 over to them with the condition that they would use it to carry him to his doctor appointments and other errands. On December the wife forced my Father out unexpectedly and he is now living with me in Wisconsin. I have asked the Step Brother to return my Father's money, his vehicle, furniture, coin collection and other personal effects. The wife has instructed me not to bother them and lose their phone number. The Step Brother can't or won't return calls. Letters that I have written and mailed with signature required have not produced any results. A call to a local attorney in Indiana suggested calling the police. I have copies of the Indiana statutes that cover theft and this seems to qualify. What do I say to the police and what proof do I give them?

    OK, where do I go to post this adventure?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Elder Financial Abuse

    You say to the police that it appears that your stepbrother is stealing from your father or otherwise engaging in financial abuse, and provide whatever evidence you have of the problem. You may want to start with Indiana's Elder Abuse Hotline, 1-800-992-6978.

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    Default Re: Elder Financial Abuse

    Thanks a lot!
    You do live up to your name. Keep up the effort......

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    Default Re: Elder Financial Abuse

    I followed your direction and contacted the Indiana Elder Abuse Hotline, they referred me to the Lake County Indiana Prosecutor's office. They referred me to the Adult Protective Services of Lake County who referred me to the Highland Police department to report this as a theft of money and property. I have contacted them and left a VM with a detective.
    Thanks for your help - it is greatly appreciated!

    I spoke with the Detective and since the account was set up with the Step Brother's wife as a joint owner she could withdraw any or all of the money legally. He pointed out that this is now a civil matter.
    The dollar amount of $20,000 won't warrant most lawyers getting involved - their fees will eat up most if not more that this amount. Given the situation, one attorney that I spoke of questioned whether the money still exists.....

    Any advice on how I proceed?

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