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    Unhappy Harassment Charges for Excessive Texting

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Alaska
    I've known this man for about 5 years we were friends for three until he started pursuing a sexual relationship with me that I didn't want. I have constantly declined his advances. This last week he started texting me again with more advances and when I responded with that will never happen he turned everything around and told everyone he knew that I was the one pursuing him and that I would never leave him alone when he was home. He works in a village as a school teacher about 400 miles away and is only here during holidays and the summer. After I set the story straight with everyone I knew and showed them the text messages he became very angry. Last night he started texting me around 11pm and it was just one text after another with less than a second in between. I thought they had stopped, but then they started again around 2am. The constant texting probably lasted less than two minutes both times, but by this morning I had received 55 texts from him. I don't know what the content of these messages is, but I assume they're blank or the same text over and over since there wasn't any time in between them. He contacted one of my friends and told her he was going to keep doing this every time he is home and he's going to give my number to everyone he knows and tell them to do the same. I have a prepaid phone and he said the reasoning for the texts was to waste my airtime thinking the next time I bought an airtime card I'd automatically be charged for everything he had sent. Is this enough to file a harassment charge? I don not want to change my phone number I've had the same number for the last ten years without a problem. I want him to know I do not want him or any of his friends contacting me in any way. I want him to take me seriously. I'd aim for a restraining order, but since he's only here less than 3 months total out of the year I don't find a point to it. I can hide away when I know he's home. I just want an end to the texting harassment.

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    Default Re: Harassment Charges for Excessive Texting

    Take your phone to the police station and show them the text counts and how frequent they are as well as the time of texts and ask that they make a report. Take that to the courthouse and get a restraining order against him.

    If he violates that, he will get locked up. If he has someone else do the texting for him or he uses a different phone, that is a violation by third party. He goes to jail.

    Despite the ten years, it may very well be worthwhile to change phone numbers or contact the carrier and ask if they can ban your phone from getting texts from his number/s.

    Do not erase any of the texts. Those are your evidence.

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