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    Default Inconsistency In Reporting Marital Status

    Hi. I filled out the ds-156 online with my husband (he is a Chinese national, i am an American citizen). However, when we were filling it out, at that point we were planning on getting a divorce a few days later, for various reasons. So I put myself, his sponsor, down as a "friend," and did not mark "yes" where it asks is your spouse a US Citizen.

    Now a few weeks later, after talking it through we have decided to stay married legally, and have him come to the US on a tourist visa for a few months, after which he will return to his job and life in China, and then we will decide where we want our relationship to go. My question is this: since his ds-156 form is already in the "system" (i.e. the computer system at the US consulate in Shanghai) will it look suspicious if we fill the form out a second time online, and this time indicate that I am his wife? Or at his interview will he be able to just tell them we made a few "mistakes" filling out the form the first time?

    Seems like a really silly question....but thanks in advance if you know the answer.

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    It will look suspicious. Consider consulting an immigration lawyer.

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    Default Tourist Visa Form

    Dear Madam,

    This situation must be addressed so not to give the impropriety of misrepresentation. A finding of fraud woudl be very detrimental to the future immigration status of your husband. It would be best to consult an immigration attorney in detail before filing any more forms.

    Good luck.

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