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    Default Lawyer Took Money and Did Nothing

    I wonder how many others had a lawyer that took money & did zero on their case...& be impossible to get in touch with... & then flat out lie & say i am working on the case it will be done soon...

    yet 2 yrs later still nothing...

    So you are out the money time & frustated ....& in legal limbo

    so you finally have no choice to hire another

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    Default Re: Lawyer Took Money and Did Nothing

    This happens a lot. Some states have programs through bar associations for clients to resolve fee disputes with attorneys with minimal costs. You probably won't get all of your fees back, but you'll get some.

    Then, of course, there's the possibility of suing the attorney. If they've delayed so long as to let the statute of limitations run on your claim, then they've committed legal malpractice, and are actually liable for the value of your underlying claim. Of course, you have to prove that you had a valid underlying claim.

    This really pisses me off. It is fraud, and it reflects badly on the profession. I think penalties should be very high for this, given how common it is. Lawyers who do this should have their licenses suspended on a first offense. They should be disbarred on a second offense. There is no excuse for this.

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