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    Default Wrong Address on Ticket

    My question involves a traffic citation from the state of: Michigan

    I was driving my girlfriends vehicle registered in Michigan to Illinois, where I live and my driver license is.

    On the highway in Michigan I was pulled over. Actually tailed for several miles, and pulled over because the vehicle's "tint" was too dark. Then he bothered me about how the license plate holder blocked the license plate and he couldn't see that it was from Michigan. Even though on the bottom you can see

    Then he went back to his car. I called up my girlfriend to then say that I had been pulled over in her car. The officer then returned to the vehicle and said that I should get off the phone. I said "I'm on the phone with the owner of the vehicle."

    That was not enough for him and told me to step outside the vehicle and put the phone down. He said I was lucky it was Christmas Eve or else I was going to jail. Then he wanted me to confirm that being on the phone was rude and disrespectful and he could charge me for obstruction and that I could possibly be calling someone else to come up and shoot him.

    I then said don't you think its extreme saying you are going to throw me in jail and he said "No, it's a promise." "When a police officer tells you what to do you do it." "Why do you have to ask questions?"

    Then I after saying how he ruled the highways, proceeded to give me a "fix it" ticket for a vehicle that is not mine. And on the ticket he lists my girlfriends address in Michigan, not my address in illinois.

    Can I contest this? How am I to tell someone else what they should do with their vehicle? Mind you this was a Mazda Rx8. Whilst pulled over I did see other vehicles with tint drive on by. The car was purchased about eight months ago in Ohio, and has never had problems in Ann Arbor, MI.

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    Default Re: Wrong Address on Ticket

    You can get a fix-it ticket for a car you're driving, even if you don't own it. You're responsible for making sure that the vehicle you're driving is legal to drive.

    Why not submit proof that the illegal tint has been removed, as described on your ticket? If your girlfriend doesn't want to do that, how about asking her to pay the ticket?

    The fact that other cars have illegal tint jobs doesn't make it legal to have an illegal tint job.

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