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    Default Hit and run accident

    My vehicle was hit by a drunk driver while parked outside my home. The person left the scene and was caught the next day and put in jail. The insurance company totalled my vehicle and now is giving me less than book value for the car because of previous damage to the vehicle that was repaired with new parts but not painted the same color as the vehicle yet. What they are offering is not enough to get a reliable vehicle like the one i had, it was a 99 checy tracker 4wd with 79,000 miles on it I have had it since brand new. What can be done to recoup the accual value of the car or get enough to get a reliable vehicle? Can i get money from the owner of the vehicle for anything such as lost wages, car fees or anything else?

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    Did you try getting and submitting your own appraisal of the vehicle's value?

    Unfortunately, you can't always get the cost of purchasing a vehicle in comparable mechanical condition, and the insurance company is entitled to consider cosmetic defects when determining the value of a vehicle.

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