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    Default Mandatory Work on Weekends

    At my job my workdays are mon-fri 8hrs a day for about a month my boss has made it mandatory that we stay later and work 1hr overtime everday now he said that we have to come to work on saturday's and it's mandatory working the same shift i have a daughter that does not live with me and the only time i have to spend with her is on the weekend when i was hired they told me nothing about working mandatory o.t and weekends we have an on site lawyer at the job but she works for them and i do not feel comfterble talking to her i do not wanna lose my job for not comming but i have plans to spend time with my child is there anything i can do about not working on weekends?

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    Mandatory overtime is legal in all 50 states, regardless of whether they told you about it at hire or not. Unless you have a legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA that specifically says otherwise, you work the hours that your employer says you work. There is nothing in the law that is going to force your boss to let you off working on Saturdays; that is something that you will have to take up internally.

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