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    Angry Denial of Follow-Up Due to Losing Medical Coverage

    new jersey
    i had a previous thread - 'complications after stent..' most of the replies were very, i would like to know, [B][U]if my cardiologist holds ANY responsibility to my consequential state?--my cardiologist advised me to get the stent--even tho the diagnosed heart attack was argumentative....he stated, whether it was an mi or not, my lad was 90 percent blocked- --and indeed i would need one eventually anyway..his brother performed the procedure; the procedure rendered me disabled and unable to walk, work, losing my house and many other sequelae. But most importantly,i lost my medical coveraage(lucrative medical 'piggy bank' due to lay-off second day of hospital admission), and my cardiologist, upon my follow-up visit, stated i needed tests and i would need to apply to the hospital for charity care BEFORE he could do ANYTHING: the process alone took me 10 months and it was valid for only 1 year from the admitting date, ergo it was approved and i only had 1 mo. remaining! Does my cardiologist, who turned a deaf ear, assume any accountability to my present condition? ...If i would have had an 'arterial doppler' when i had my follow-up visit, 2 wks after the procedure, they would have discovered then, that i had a 100 percent blockage in the femoral artery, at the insertion location for the stent; instead of finding it 9 months later, when i 'wound-up' in the ER and finally had the doppler.- that would have avoided my extended disability...ALL this due to lack of medical coverage...PLEASE HELP.
    thank you

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    Default Re: Denial of Follow-Up Due to Losing Medical Coverage

    Do you mean, if you lose medical coverage after you have a procedure, does the doctor who performed the procedure owe you free follow-up care for life? No.

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    Red face Re: Denial of Follow-Up Due to Losing Medical Coverage

    NO - mr knowitall -- i mean.... Is HE responsible to follow-up on a procedure that HE initiated!
    thank you

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    Default Re: Denial of Follow-Up Due to Losing Medical Coverage

    From personal experience if a doctor insists on doing anything to you. They will most certainly have you sign a some sort of document. It's always hard telling if the doctor really cares for you, or if they're really in it for the money. I went straight into back surgery after an accident and without my consent the surgeon used some sort of experimental growth hormone to help fuse my T12 vertebrae back together. I never technically agreed to it, so I didn't have to pay for it. If you never agree to have anything done you don't have to pay. If you did agree to have it done, even a verbal agreement. You will have to wind up paying.

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    Default Re: Denial of Follow-Up Due to Losing Medical Coverage

    Quote Quoting arthurrd
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    ...ALL this due to lack of medical coverage...PLEASE HELP...
    You just said yourself that this happened because you lost your medical coverage - which is emphatically not the fault of your attending physician.

    Did you actually find out what a doppler would have cost if you'd obtained one elsewhere? Did you look at ways of funding that cost?

    Had you had the doppler at two weeks, do you truly believe that there would have been 100% blockage in your femoral artery at that time? Even if there had been, then what? You no longer had any insurance to cover treatment.

    Does the fact that your doctor suggested applying for charity care at that particular hospital mean that you could not have explored other options for getting low cost or free medical care?

    By all means rail against insurance companies all you want, but your physician has no legal - or even moral - responsibility for your plight.

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