My question involves a speeding ticket from the State of Arkansas. I was traveling home one night from Little Rock, AR at 12:05 when I was stopped abruptly by a state police officer who proceeded to cite me with a speeding ticket. I admit that I was speeding thought not greatly from the normal speed law in the area. There was a construction zone on I/30 and as it was late at night and there were no other cars in the area along with no workers present I maintained my speed through the zone. The cop pulled me over 12 miles away from the speed zone. I was just going to pay the ticket since I was speeding a bit but I called and found out that the ticket was $200. I asked why it was so high and they told me because I was in a Work zone. I have always been under the impression that workers must be present for the ticket to double or even have a penalty. I've looked around on the internet best I can and everything I see for Arkansas law says that this is true. And there were clearly no workers present on the midnight of a friday. I'm a poor college kid who could have barely paid what was thought to be a $100 ticket, much less a $200. My question is, what do I do? One website I saw implied that the ticket may even be void able since no workers were present when I was cited. Is that true? Should I show up at the court date on the ticket and tell the judge all these things and try to get him to knock the price down some? One of my friends was able to get out of a $130 ticket and had to only pay $30 for a defensive driving lesson and 3 months probation. Could I try for that? I'm not very law savvy and need to find the cheapest option. Thank you for your help