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    Default Extra Customs Attention Arriving Back into the U.S., Every Time

    I am an American Citizen
    28 Years Fire Service Lieutenant
    I have a valid passport and a valid Mexican FM3
    I travel with my wife of 10 years
    When I return from Mexico which I do about 3 to 4 times a year since we have a place there I go through this:
    1. Come into Customs they check the computer put a special mark on my
    2. I get my luggage and then another agent deverts me to another booth.
    3. They spend more time looking up something
    4. They then release me and at the most this has been a 20 minute delay

    Possible Senarios:
    I was divorced over 15 years ago and I know there was a travel restriction in place for both parents, (Which never really was enforced) my children are now over 20 years old.
    11 years ago an X girlfriend got a permanant anti harrassment order from a friendly Commissioner like it was candy. I figured great since it applies to her too. It was a civil order and easy to get.

    I did have a conversation with a Customs agent who said he can't say but did I ever stalk anyone? Which I never did. I then knew that the hold up could be because of the civil order. He basically gave me the only clue to this reocurring problem.

    How would anyone begin to solve this?
    Can they access civil records of such a low importance?
    Why the hold up and further step when getting back?
    Whats up with the inconsistency of application from LAX to SEA to SKY some check others don't
    Any advice welcomed, I may have to file FOIA to see whats up and go from there.
    I think its funny since I get this extra special treatment everytime and terrorists get on planes at will, not to mention the huge amount of illegal aliens that get by the system with no further investigation. Don't mean to be disrespectful but I resent the hell out of a system that makes it appear like I'm guilty of something when there was never a finding of fact.

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    Default Re: Extra Customs Attention Arriving Back into the U.S., Every Time

    It sounds more like you're suspected of being involved in illegal activity, such as the drug trade. We have no way of investigating that for you, and without knowledge of the actual issues have no way of proposing possible remedies.

    You can FOIA your FBI file or other records, and maybe get a hint of what's happening, but you're not going to get the files that would give you a definitive answer.

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    Default Re: Extra Customs Attention Arriving Back into the U.S., Every Time

    Have you ever been a victim of identity theft? Have you verified all of your social security earnings records and credit reports to see if your SSN has been used by another individual?

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