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    Default Jail Sentence After Conviction

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Ohio
    I need help! My husband worked for the local county, he is not an elected official, just a public employee. He plead no contest to Unlawful Interest in a Public Contract. Without going into too much detail, he got sentenced to 6 months in jail last Monday. My husband has no prior record, he served in the Air Force for 8 years. His attorney who was court appointed never filed his appeal motion yet, no bond, nothing and the attorney is out until next week sometime. There is no reason that my husband should be sitting in jail with no help at all. I need to know if and what my husband's rights are and if there is something I can do. The judge who sentenced my husband is also employed by the county he worked for and was named the "vicitim" in this case, the state did not ask for any jail time, just restitution and probation. The judge gave him a 1 year with 6 months suspended.
    If there is anyone out there who can help me please, I am desperate, not to mention my husband suffers from bi-polar disorder and this is mentally crushing him.

    I appreciate any advice.

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    Default Re: Jail Sentence After Conviction

    Your husband has the right to appeal.

    If your husband chose not to ask the judge to recuse himself, the issue is likely waived. If he did and the judge declined, he can raise the issue on appeal.

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